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What are the application advantages of polishing robots


In the field of industrial manufacturing, many products have burrs during the production process, which must be processed later. In the past, they were polished manually.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, many products have burrs during the production process, which must be processed later. In the past, they were polished manually. With the development of technology, polishing robots appeared, and polishing robots are mostly used for metal surface treatment. Application areas include auto parts, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, hardware furniture, or golf heads, wrench tools, non-stick pans, aircraft blades, surgical forceps, docking claws and other products that can be imported from factories. The following is a detailed explanation of the application advantages of the polishing robot.


1. Apply polishing robots to ensure safety and improve the environment

Security is relative to people and property. For people, the greatest safety is to stay away from unsafe environments, and machine substitutions play this role. As for corporate property, the biggest security guarantee comes from stability and control. One of the important features of automated launch is law, which means stability and control. The direct function of polishing the robot is to replace people from the working environment. There is a safety fence around the robot workstation, and a matching sensor and drive control device inside. The whole working state is closed-loop feedback control in relatively safe isolation from people, which reduces the work intensity, guarantees the safety of people, and improves the working environment. At the same time, due to the improvement of automation, the entire production site environment will be significantly improved in terms of dust emission, noise control, and hidden danger alarms.

2. Apply polishing robots to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and stabilize quality

In many traditional manufacturing industries, polishing is the most basic process, but its cost accounts for 30% of the total cost. A polishing robot can replace 2 to 6 workers, because it can work continuously for more than 20 hours a day without being disturbed by factors. Its production efficiency is also 10 to 30 times that of manual labor. Polishing work is a repetitive work. The dull and repetitive work for operators is precisely the favor of robot work. The characteristic of polishing robot work is to set the program, follow the law, and maintain stability. Even if it is wrong, it is a procedural error, and it is easy to do quality control. Therefore, this will greatly improve the consistency level of product quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and stabilize quality.

Third, the application of polishing robot is flexible and applicable, switching flexibility

Compared with some special machines for polishing and polishing, the application of robot polishing and polishing is more flexible. For the majority of manufacturing small and medium enterprises, the external environment of the market requires them to follow the order batch production model. This requires that the production line needs to be adjusted accordingly according to the needs of different order batches. The change of the special plane in this respect requires a big fight. In contrast, the Songle polishing robot application only needs to adjust the corresponding tooling and fixture, and the body does not need to be modified. Editing and calling the response program command can be updated and switched. Obviously shorten the product update cycle and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. This is why robots are becoming more and more popular today.

Compared with hand-held grinding, grinding robot deburring can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product yield. Moreover, traditional casting cleaning technology uses position control principles, which require the robot to determine the path as accurately as possible, and the programming is complicated and costly. Time. The use of a polishing robot for polishing helps to improve the processing effect, improve product quality, increase production efficiency, speed up programming progress, shorten cycle time, and reduce production costs. This is one of the reasons why companies choose robots for polishing.

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