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Spraying robots are non-contact work robots


The non-contact operation robot does not directly contact the product for application, referred to as non-contact operation.

The non-contact operation robot does not directly contact the product for application, referred to as non-contact operation. The spraying operation of the spray robot does not require the robot to grab or process the surface of the product. It uses the tool of the automatic spray gun to achieve the surface of the product. Spraying, so the spraying robot is a non-contact work robot.


The spraying robot is mainly composed of a robot body, a computer and a corresponding control system. The hydraulically driven spraying robot also includes a hydraulic oil source, such as an oil pump, an oil tank, and a motor. 5 or 6-degree-of-freedom articulated structure is mostly used, the arm has a large space for movement, and can do complex trajectory movements. The wrist generally has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom and can move flexibly. The more advanced spray robot wrist adopts a flexible wrist, which can bend in all directions and rotate. Its action is similar to a human wrist, and it can be easily extended into the workpiece through a small hole to spray its inner surface.

The spraying robot has the characteristics of fast action and good explosion-proof performance. It has powerful spraying function. Through the software, it can accurately compile the spraying trajectory according to the shape of the workpiece and the parts, and can accurately control the spraying parameters such as the amount of paint and the amount of atomization air. Make the paint film thickness of the workpiece uniform, high gloss and color appearance quality, and save time and effort. Spraying robot is a type of industrial robot application. Six-degree-of-freedom manipulators are commonly used to spray the surface of products.

Spraying robots can be used in painting production lines, powder spraying production lines, and other robotic manipulators for automatic transformation of coatings. It has the characteristics of multi-joint, highly flexible and mechanized operations. It is an indispensable automatic spraying equipment in the coating production industry. It is widely used in many fields such as hardware, plastic rubber, electronics, agriculture, industry, furniture, wood products, ceramics, automobiles, etc., and is the main force to replace manual spraying operations.

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